Create private loans through the interest base


What are the possibilities of private loans?

The interest base gives you, as a private person, many opportunities for financial freedom, and admission of private loans for consumption. What you have the opportunity to get paid is solely based on your private finances and the ability to pay a fixed monthly installment. We do not look at where you live, how old you are, or whether it is a sensible purchase you are in. What you want to borrow and how to spend money paid is a private matter.

Quick processing of private loans

Our system processes your application immediately, and you will therefore always get a quick and efficient treatment. We can also help with a quick payout, and if you have been approved you can have money in your account the same day, or within 24 hours.

If you have problems or questions, we have a support that would like to help, and most of the time, answers are given to emails within 2 hours.

Private loans without collateral

The interest base does not require any collateral in connection with the establishment of private loans, and you must therefore not document the free value in your private home, or the value of a car or the like that may be used as a guarantee for a payment.

You need to have a healthy economy, to work hard, and not to stand in Credit Bureau. If you can say yes to these things, you are really well on your way to establishing a private loan through the interest base.

Loan money privately

As a private, you have quite good opportunities for borrowing money, and the interest base helps. We are constantly expanding the areas where we can help with loans for private individuals, and also help with advice on money.