Good advice on loans and low interest rates!

At the interest base you have the opportunity to apply for a loan and therefore we also want to give you good advice on loans along the way. There is advice that applies almost regardless of the type of loan you choose or how large the loan amount is.

There may be huge financial differences on various loans, so you should make an effort to make a cheap loan that matches your personal loan requirements. You can do this by following our 3 good tips, which can be of great help. We have set up 3 specific areas that you need to look at, and they are easy to go for for everyone and no doubt something that you should have in mind when making loans.

Three valuable loan advice

If you want to save thousands of dollars on your loan, you should read here. In some cases, you can save a lot of money by following these good advice when you create an unsecured loan

1. Get more loan offers

Many Danish patrons make the mistake of only looking for 1-3 places. This is problematic because you do not get the whole loan market examined and because you often only want to stay with 1-2 offers at hand. By getting more loan offers, you will improve your ability to make a loan that fits your needs and is cheaper than the others in the market. The way to more loan offers is by searching with many different loan providers and that is exactly what you can on the interest base.

If you fill out a loan application with us, your application will be distributed to a large number of loan providers. In this way, you have better chances of receiving more good loan offers that you can then choose from.

2. Focus on APR

First, it must be stated that APR is an expression of the total annual borrowing costs, expressed as a percentage. This means that, unlike the interest rate, APR includes all liabilities and costs of the loan. Many make the mistake of unilaterally looking at the interest rate or the deduction, as these are the familiar factors for many patrons. You just get easy to overlook large starting fees and the like. So focus on APR when comparing and selecting loan offers.

Note further that a distinction is made between yop before and after tax. Just so you don’t compare bulbs and bananas.

It is a very important loan advice that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Talk to the loan company

Many borrowers consider a loan offer as definite, but in some cases it is possible to negotiate with the loan provider. If you use our service and get a large number of loan offers back then it is you who have the cards on hand. You can utilize this by talking to the individual loan companies and thereby saving money.

If you can only remove the starting fee for the loan, you have already saved over DKK 500 in many places.

Get the best start on your loan

We very much hope that you will benefit from our loan counseling during the loan process. Start your search here, and you will get the loan application issued for many loan providers and good loan offers back.

It will be the best start that gives you better conditions for cheaper loans.