Read this before you borrow money online Interest base loan

If you have decided to borrow money online through one of the many loan companies offering online loans and quick loan via mobile, then you are well advised to look very well so you will not be cheated and will pay everything too much money for your loan.

Debt costs for online loans

Many online loan companies are good at hiding the real costs associated with an online loan. You must be aware that there are both interest and costs when you borrow money online. The interest is the amount that you have to repay in excess of the amount you borrow. Costs are the amount you pay to be allowed to borrow the money and sometimes there are also costs associated with the monthly installments.

If you find it hard to find out the many different costs and interest rates when you borrow online, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with what the term APR means.

APR, the most important parameter for loans

APR is a very important parameter when talking online loans. YEAR means Annual Costs in Percentage, and is an expression of total cost per years you have to pay for your loan. It is also the only parameter you can use to compare different loans as the APR is a combination of costs and interest expenses for the loan and is therefore 100% comparable.

There are many many loan companies that offer online loans of various types, and common to all of them is that they offer fast loans that make it easy to apply for the loan while also making it quick for you to get the money on your account. Often you can have the money in your account the same day that you have been approved for the loan, sometimes it can take approx. 2 days before you have your money in your account.

But remember to take a good look before you sign a loan, and remember that you can allow yourself, at any time, not to sign, even if you have applied and been approved for the loan.

Below the picture we have added a list of most available loans available in Denmark. At the same time, it is the loans that are currently being loaned. gives you the best opportunities to borrow money.