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New loan options for cheap loans!

In recent times, several new loan options have come for you who want to borrow money here and now. The supply of cheap fast loans and unsecured loans has increased significantly since the New Year.

Many new loan companies have seen the light of day and many existing loan companies offering cheap loans have expanded that range and now offer several types of cheap loans with no collateral.

It’s still a loan jungle out there

As you can probably figure out, it has not been easier to figure out where and how to get the cheapest loan, and it has not helped even more loan companies to come and offer even more quick loans at cheap rates.

The fact that it has become even more difficult to figure out loan options makes it even more important to compare the different loans in order to find the loan that best suits your needs, because it may not loan your neighbor Have taken, is also the loan that suits you best.

Here are some good opportunities

We have here at the interest base just selected 2 of the currently. new and best opportunities for taking a quick and cheap loan. However, with these 2 loans you yourself have to fill out your loan application, as we have not just got these 2 in our automatic loan application service, which we offer here on the site, where with only 1 loan application comes out to Denmark’s best and cheapest loan companies, and thus get the widest range of loan offers.

Popular Online Loans – Find The Cheapest Loan Here!

Online loans have become very popular, and there is nothing to say, because it has become very easy to apply for a loan online. All you have to do is click on a loan provider’s website and fill out their online loan form. You fill out the loan form with your private information and your current financial conditions, which is very important for whether your loan application is approved by the loan company.

Best online loan companies

There are many online loan companies and some are better than others. Some loan companies offer low interest rates but are hard to get accrued for, other loan companies are easy to get accredited to, but are usually a little more expensive. At the interest base, we have extensive experience with which companies are good, and where one is most likely to be accepted for a loan without it costing a farm, and that is what is important.

If you use any of the links below, you will have the best opportunity to get approved and get a good loan that you will be happy with. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be approved, because it still depends a lot on your financial situation, and the better they are, the easier it is for you to be approved.

Many applications

Your best starting point is if you apply for several loan companies at the same time, it does require hard work, however, as it takes a long time to complete all the online forms one by one, but it is important for you to get a loan approved and that you also have possibility to be approved for one of the loans. You can find a complete list of loan companies. Where you can go one by one and fill out their application forms. Are you tired of filling out online loan forms, you have the opportunity to use our online tool, with one single application form coming out to all the best Danish loan companies. We have created an online system that automatically takes your loan information and fills out all the best loan companies’ applications for you, thus giving you the best starting point for being approved for a loan and at the same time for you to find it cheapest and best loan to suit your needs.

A little extra

To make it a little more attractive to use our “application machine”, we of course have some of the best loan companies on our list, which are not shown in the list as we publishers for you, it will give you significantly better chances to be approved with our loan service than if you apply manually with each loan company, however, there are still no guarantees, but your chances are significantly improved with our application service.

Create private loans through the interest base


What are the possibilities of private loans?

The interest base gives you, as a private person, many opportunities for financial freedom, and admission of private loans for consumption. What you have the opportunity to get paid is solely based on your private finances and the ability to pay a fixed monthly installment. We do not look at where you live, how old you are, or whether it is a sensible purchase you are in. What you want to borrow and how to spend money paid is a private matter.

Quick processing of private loans

Our system processes your application immediately, and you will therefore always get a quick and efficient treatment. We can also help with a quick payout, and if you have been approved you can have money in your account the same day, or within 24 hours.

If you have problems or questions, we have a support that would like to help, and most of the time, answers are given to emails within 2 hours.

Private loans without collateral

The interest base does not require any collateral in connection with the establishment of private loans, and you must therefore not document the free value in your private home, or the value of a car or the like that may be used as a guarantee for a payment.

You need to have a healthy economy, to work hard, and not to stand in Credit Bureau. If you can say yes to these things, you are really well on your way to establishing a private loan through the interest base.

Loan money privately

As a private, you have quite good opportunities for borrowing money, and the interest base helps. We are constantly expanding the areas where we can help with loans for private individuals, and also help with advice on money.

Good advice on loans and low interest rates!

At the interest base you have the opportunity to apply for a loan and therefore we also want to give you good advice on loans along the way. There is advice that applies almost regardless of the type of loan you choose or how large the loan amount is.

There may be huge financial differences on various loans, so you should make an effort to make a cheap loan that matches your personal loan requirements. You can do this by following our 3 good tips, which can be of great help. We have set up 3 specific areas that you need to look at, and they are easy to go for for everyone and no doubt something that you should have in mind when making loans.

Three valuable loan advice

If you want to save thousands of dollars on your loan, you should read here. In some cases, you can save a lot of money by following these good advice when you create an unsecured loan

1. Get more loan offers

Many Danish patrons make the mistake of only looking for 1-3 places. This is problematic because you do not get the whole loan market examined and because you often only want to stay with 1-2 offers at hand. By getting more loan offers, you will improve your ability to make a loan that fits your needs and is cheaper than the others in the market. The way to more loan offers is by searching with many different loan providers and that is exactly what you can on the interest base.

If you fill out a loan application with us, your application will be distributed to a large number of loan providers. In this way, you have better chances of receiving more good loan offers that you can then choose from.

2. Focus on APR

First, it must be stated that APR is an expression of the total annual borrowing costs, expressed as a percentage. This means that, unlike the interest rate, APR includes all liabilities and costs of the loan. Many make the mistake of unilaterally looking at the interest rate or the deduction, as these are the familiar factors for many patrons. You just get easy to overlook large starting fees and the like. So focus on APR when comparing and selecting loan offers.

Note further that a distinction is made between yop before and after tax. Just so you don’t compare bulbs and bananas.

It is a very important loan advice that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Talk to the loan company

Many borrowers consider a loan offer as definite, but in some cases it is possible to negotiate with the loan provider. If you use our service and get a large number of loan offers back then it is you who have the cards on hand. You can utilize this by talking to the individual loan companies and thereby saving money.

If you can only remove the starting fee for the loan, you have already saved over DKK 500 in many places.

Get the best start on your loan

We very much hope that you will benefit from our loan counseling during the loan process. Start your search here, and you will get the loan application issued for many loan providers and good loan offers back.

It will be the best start that gives you better conditions for cheaper loans.

Cheap Loans – What Does It Cost?

Once upon a time it was very expensive to borrow money, and one really had to think well before deciding to borrow a loan, especially if the purpose of the loan was for consumption, ie a so-called consumer loan – We give you some good advice to compare cheap loans.

Consumer loans have never been something Danish banks were happy with, and therefore there were no cheap consumer loans in Denmark before, because the banks should be assured that the money they borrowed for consumption was also repaid. The problem is that when it comes to consumer loans, the banks usually do not have anything they can obtain for the loan, and therefore it is usually expensive, or even impossible, to raise cheap consumer loans in the banks.

Fortunately, there are others in Denmark who look differently, and many loan companies have emerged in Denmark. The loan companies do not interfere with the same needs as the banks in what you need to spend money on the loan, and it allows you to borrow money for just about anything, even without security, which means you can borrow money without security.

Compare cheap loans

As I said, the loan companies in Denmark are many, and some are more reliable than others, and some loan companies must definitely refrain from borrowing money, as their AOPs are too high. The APR is an expression of the total annual cost as a percentage of the loan, and is therefore a good comparison parameter between the various loans.

The APR is, as I said, an expression of the annual cost of a loan, but it does not necessarily say anything about the costs associated with the creation of the loan and is therefore not the only parameter one should relate to when comparing different loans. Another important parameter to compare is the cost of the actual borrowing of the cheap loan, and in some cases it is this expense that determines which loan you should choose. It is not always the most expensive loan from a company in a particular loan situation, also the most expensive loan in another loan situation, the cost of the loan depends very much on the size of the loan, and how long the loan is to proceed.

Cheap loans should always be compared on the same terms, which means that you need to make sure that the loan size and repayment time are the same, to be sure you have found the cheapest loan company. It is also important that the information you enter with the various loan companies is the same, although it may be a little difficult, since not all loan companies have the same information in connection with the inclusion of the cheap loan, some require many loan information while others do not requires a lot of information.

Gandalf has developed an online application system that makes this revenue process much easier for you, because you only have to enter your loan information once, and we will send your application to up to 10 loan companies at once, this will save you lots of time if you want to get more loan offers that you can compare the loan costs.

If you want to use our service, you can use the link on the right and follow the instructions.

What is an Gandalf Loan? We give you the answer!

Gandalf are a new type of loan that was introduced back in 2007 on the Danish mortgage market. The TinkerBond loan was introduced due to an EU directive.

Gandalf are issued as mortgages where real estate is pledged. These loans are very different from the other mortgage loans in the market. The most significant difference is that Gandalf provide an opportunity for infinite maturity and unlimited amortization.

At the same time, these loans can both be offered by mortgage banks and the banks. Mortgage loans are normally reserved for mortgage banks.

Advantages of Gandalf

One of the benefits of an TinkerBond loan is that you can make flexible loans, with individual interest rates depending on the customer’s needs and risk appetite.

There is therefore no need for the same interest rate for two customers, even though the loans are identical. You can see below the main benefits of Gandalf below:

  • Possibility of unlimited installment and indefinite maturity
  • Flexible lending
  • Individual interest rates depending on your risk appetite

Disadvantages of Gandalf

There are also drawbacks to all loan types and it is crucial that you always get the benefits and disadvantages up against each other. The following disadvantages of the Gandalf can be mentioned:

  • Lower loan limits can mean more expensive loans
  • In many cases, only 75% of the housing value can be borrowed

The TinkerBond

These covered bonds differ among credit and banking institutions. This means that the loan provider must provide additional collateral at the loan level, so that the loan limit is observed through the maturity of the bond.

The new TinkerBond legislation provides the mortgage banks with the following types of bonds that they can issue with mortgages on real estate:

  • TinkerBond
  • Traditional Mortgage Bonds (RO)
  • Covered mortgage bonds (SDROs)

The covered bonds are typically issued with a maturity of 5-10 years.

SMS Loans – Info about the smart SMS loans

SMS loans are typically in the order of DKK 3,000 – DKK 5,000 and it is therefore limited what it gives you from financial freedom. You can apply up to SEK 300,000 via the interest base. and have good opportunities to be approved.
It will not be easier and in many cases you will receive loan offers back, which is significantly cheaper than various SMS loans of 3,000 to 5,000 kr.

How does SMS Loan work?

The so-called SMS loan is more or less dead, and it has mainly something to do with the huge interest rates that were put on them. Most people today make a regular consumer loan rather than a sms loan. However, it is no longer difficult to apply for a loan via the interest base than it is to send an SMS, and we process your application immediately. If you are approved for a loan, you can have money in the bank later today. It is so simple and fast.

How to Create SMS Loans Now

The reason why the word SMS loan exists at all is because it refers to a type of loan where you just apply for money via SMS. It is Easy, but because of the easy access, one could borrow a lot of money on the original SMS Loans and a combination of the small amounts, the high costs, and a lot of press coverage has meant that they have largely died today.

SMS loans require you are 18 years old

An SMS loan, like any other loan type, requires you to be over 18 years of age. Once you have grown up, you can search everything from consumer loans, to private loans and car loans. However, SMS loans over the age of 18 are not the best start for your adult life. Instead, search for loans via the interest base and get a better loan. We only have few requirements for you as a borrower, you must be over 18 years old and not stand in Credit Bureau. If you are between 18 and 25 years old, you can learn more about your opportunities to borrow money under 25 years right here.

Think before you borrow! Save money on loans here

Whether quick loans have a positive or negative sound can be very individual. It is also something individual, what you want to spend your money on if you are applying for a quick loan. Overall, applicants for quick loans can be divided into two categories: those who have received some unforeseen bills and those who want a consumer loan.

Some considerations they both should make are, first of all, whether the loan can be repaid on time. Is it soon payday, and if one stands and lacks the money here and now, a quick loan can be a good way out. By taking out a loan that helps at the end of the month, one can create air in the economy, thus avoiding unnecessary stress and savings on e.g. food.

There are advantages and disadvantages of all types of loans, and this also applies to the quick loan. The benefits lie in the fact that it is easy and quick to search. It can be done from home, and thus there is no turnaround time such as in the bank. One also avoids having to send papers back and forth, as it is possible to sign with its easy ID and there should be no security.

When talking about providing security, it applies to properties such as houses and cars. If you do not own any of the parts, you will not be able to set them as mortgages either, so the interest rate will increase instead. Precisely because quick loans are easy to take and without human contact, the review of one’s personal finances is also lacking. If you do not already have an overview, you do not know if it is possible to repay the loan, and in the worst case you will be registered in Credit Bureau as bad payer.

What is the money for?

To avoid the Credit Bureau, it may be an idea to look at what the loan should go for and whether there are other possible alternatives. In a few cases, a simple review of the budget can make you get the money you have every month – late in the month – is missing. This can be when shopping for food. Instead of shopping every day, it pays to do it once a week and then for the whole week.

It is gradually possible to borrow anything from a few hundred kroner to over 100,000 DKK. It can be very tempting to have access to such high amounts. Most quick loan providers have an upper limit on the first loan. This means that it is possible to borrow, for example, 4,000 kr the first time. If the loan is then repaid on time, the next loan rises to 10,000, etc. You get access to more money, the better you are to pay back.

If it is a mortgage or car loan you are looking for, it might be an idea to go to the bank instead. Here you can put the house or car as security, and thus get a lower interest rate, and longer maturity. It can be a very expensive affair if the loan is taken as a quick loan, as interest rates will make the final repayment very large.

On the other hand, if the loan is for consumption, quick loans are the right solution. There can be many unforeseen things in our everyday lives. It can be any electronics that get rid of, the pet that has damaged furniture or clothing – in general, everything that can give a headache if you cannot afford to replace it. However, there is a tempting but very uncertain reason to take a loan to pay another back. Here you end up in a vicious circle that can be difficult to get out of again. Then it is smarter to tighten the budget a little, and quietly become debt free.

Make Sense When Applying For Cheap Fast Loans

Every day you can read how expensive it is to borrow money online or through the fast mobile loans that you can easily apply for via your mobile phone. It can also be a bad business for you if you do not think well before taking a quick loan that you have applied for online.

If, on the other hand, you follow quite a few rules, as well as your own common sense, then it does not have to be a bad business or a bad experience to borrow money online.

Rule # 1 – Only borrow what you need

The most important rule is that you always only have to borrow what you need, so you don’t have to borrow 5000, – more, just to have a little fun for a short period of time, it quickly becomes really annoying money, which is must be paid back again. The more you can limit your loan, the less you have to repay and the less you can repay or you can choose to repay the money faster.

Rule # 2 – Always submit your correct personal data when applying for a loan.

In order to get the right loan and thus get the right installments and interest on the loan, it is important that you provide the correct personal and financial conditions that apply to your current situation. If you provide incorrect information, you may be at risk of not being authorized to make the loan. It may also happen that you get a wrong loan if you do not properly provide information about your circumstances and it can be difficult to figure out the implications for your loan if you provide incorrect information about your finances.

Rule No. 3 – Get more loan offers and always compare several loans.

One thing that is very important when it comes to fast online loans is that you always have to apply for more loans at the same time, so you have the opportunity to get more loan offers and thus have the opportunity to compare the different loan offers. There may be large differences in the cost between different loans. The interest you pay can also be crucial, but it is often not the interest rate that is most crucial to the loan, it is mostly the cost of the loan creation and the annual cost of the loan.

Rule # 4 – Compare the APR when comparing online loans.

The only abundant way you can compare loans in Danmarke is to compare the APR parameter, which must always be disclosed when offering loans in Denmark. APR is the only way you can compare loans and you can directly look at the APR which loan is the cheapest.

You can benefit from using our service if you want to find the cheapest loan in Denmark. With our service you get as many loan offers as possible by only completing a single loan application. We apply for loans on your behalf with the best Danish loan companies, and this ensures that you will always have the opportunity to get the cheapest possible loan.

Read this before you borrow money online Interest base loan

If you have decided to borrow money online through one of the many loan companies offering online loans and quick loan via mobile, then you are well advised to look very well so you will not be cheated and will pay everything too much money for your loan.

Debt costs for online loans

Many online loan companies are good at hiding the real costs associated with an online loan. You must be aware that there are both interest and costs when you borrow money online. The interest is the amount that you have to repay in excess of the amount you borrow. Costs are the amount you pay to be allowed to borrow the money and sometimes there are also costs associated with the monthly installments.

If you find it hard to find out the many different costs and interest rates when you borrow online, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with what the term APR means.

APR, the most important parameter for loans

APR is a very important parameter when talking online loans. YEAR means Annual Costs in Percentage, and is an expression of total cost per years you have to pay for your loan. It is also the only parameter you can use to compare different loans as the APR is a combination of costs and interest expenses for the loan and is therefore 100% comparable.

There are many many loan companies that offer online loans of various types, and common to all of them is that they offer fast loans that make it easy to apply for the loan while also making it quick for you to get the money on your account. Often you can have the money in your account the same day that you have been approved for the loan, sometimes it can take approx. 2 days before you have your money in your account.

But remember to take a good look before you sign a loan, and remember that you can allow yourself, at any time, not to sign, even if you have applied and been approved for the loan.

Below the picture we have added a list of most available loans available in Denmark. At the same time, it is the loans that are currently being loaned. gives you the best opportunities to borrow money.